Rough and Ready English Style Longbow, 25-30 lbs. at 28 in.

This bow, made from linen-backed Hickory, comes ready to shoot and pulls 25 to 30 pounds at a maximum draw length of 28 inches. The bow is unfinished and needs to be sealed. This can be accomplished by simply rubbing petroleum jelly on the bow (including the linen backed side) twice per year. One might also opt to finish the bow permanently. This is an economical alternative to our already finished bows, offering the same abilities while allowing you to finish it in a fashion of your choosing.

Made in the USA

Key Features:

  • A high quality english style longbow made from hickory backed with linen
  • Unfinished and rough hewn to save you money
  • Economical alternative to our fully finished bows
  • Fully functioning and backed with our 30 day money-back guarantee

Power Rating: Target